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Mt. Beauty/ Falls Creek Snow Holiday

Written By: Tuen - Jul• 07•12

This week, we went up with the Chuas and the Lims to Mt. Beauty and Falls Creek for some skiing fun. We stayed at Dreamers One Luxury apartments, which was really nice and picturesque. Most of the young adults snowboarded or skied for at least two out of three days, but the older ones like myself skied/snowboarded for only one day. Old bones… My older boys and some of the Chuas skied for all three days.

The weather was really great. The sun was out most of the time, so it wasn’t too cold although occasionally the winds gusted quite strongly and coldly. Snow cover wasn’t great but was good enough, but was also quite icy.


The only thing that was a pain was the drive up to Falls Creek each morning from Mt. Beauty, which took about 35 to 45 mins depending on who was driving, and which was very winding and could cause dizziness amongst the passengers if the driver thought he was some kind of racing ace.

Little Ren tried skiing on a very gentle slope and did quite well. I didn’t want to give him lessons this time around as I felt that it would be difficult to get him up to the school, as it was up the slope and you needed to take a chair lift. Mt. Hotham is different, with the school accessible via foot, so we might give him lessons there next year or when we next go up to the snow.

Photos can be found here.

A slide show/video is below: