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Mary’s 50th Birthday Surprise

We celebrated Mary’s 50th this Saturday. We had a nice family dinner at Kotaraya.  When I had my 50th, my wife threw me a surprise party. Now it’s almost impossible for me to surprise Mary so soon after my own surprise party. So the only thing I could think of was to compile a 50th Birthday [...]

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Julian’s WuShu grading

Ren went for his Wu Shu grading on Saturday. I have no idea at this point if he passed, but the whole thing was quite fascinating. I put together a short video of his grading below.

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Knox 30th Anniversary Concert

Last Friday, Wen performed in several items in her school’s 30th anniversary concert. The video below shows highlights of the concert including a duet by Wen. During the interval, we were served pieces of a huge anniversary cake, which was excellent. All in, a rather enjoyable evening.

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