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Extreme Difference!

Written By: Tuen - Apr• 14•14

So a few days ago I found out that I had a blown right hand side headlamp. Annoying, as I suspected it would cost me quite a bit to get this replaced in Australia. I spent a few days researching the Toyota manuals and was quite prepared to get hold of a spare globe (approx. $23 inc shipping off ebay) and install it myself. It looked complicated but doable.

Today, I called my Toyota service centre to enquire about replacing my blown headlamp globe. Replacement globe: $44. Installation: 1 man-hour at $115.  Total: $159. Plus GST: $174.90.  Right. I’m gonna do this myself I thought.

At Mary’s suggestion, I stopped by the local Mr. Muffler at High Street, where I had gotten my tyres repaired before, just to see if they might be able to fix it for less.  I would have been happy with a price of $100.  So I approach the Chinese guy there (he’s the franchise owner I think) and asked if he did replacement of headlamp globes.  He said yes and came to take a look at my blown lamp. He mumbled something which I couldn’t catch then said “$10″. I couldn’t believe my ears and had to get him to repeat it. I asked if he could do it then and there and he said yes. All of 6 minutes later, he was done. And within 10 mins of driving into his workshop, I was driving out with working headlamps and just a small sum of $10 poorer. Wow.


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