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Ren’s Birthday Party

Ren celebrated his 6th birthday with a party on the 4th of June. Originally we had intended to have a small party with a small group of friends, but some of his classmates actually found out about the party and asked to be invited.  In the end, we invited his whole class and held the [...]

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Jie’s 21st

Last week, we celebrated Jie’s 21st birthday. Time flies and two of my kids are now adults. Just 4 more to go. :) We had a buffet lunch at Langham hotel at Southbank and Jie invited mostly family and some close friends of his and their families. Lunch was good and the event went off quite well. Photos [...]

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Ren’s 5th Birthday

We recently celebrated Ren’s 5th Birthday with a small party at home. We invited some of his preschool classmates and their parents over to our home for some snacks, games and a magic show. Guess who was the magician? I was pretty nervous about performing, as it had been years since I last performed my tricks. [...]

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Baby’s First Official Invite

Ren received his first official invitation to a friend’s birthday party today. Catherine is celebrating her birthday today at Amber’s playhouse. Here’s a photo of Ren carrying Catherine’s birthday present.  

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