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Ian’s 21st Birthday Party

Ian celebrated his 21st birthday at a party at Wantirna Club recently. We left it to him to invite his guests and organise the party himself. It was a fun night. I’ve compiled a slide show of the evening. It’s a bit long as it includes all the speeches. The full set of photos can [...]

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Mary’s 50th Birthday Surprise

We celebrated Mary’s 50th this Saturday. We had a nice family dinner at Kotaraya.  When I had my 50th, my wife threw me a surprise party. Now it’s almost impossible for me to surprise Mary so soon after my own surprise party. So the only thing I could think of was to compile a 50th Birthday [...]

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My Surprise 50th Birthday

I passed half a century recently, and my beloved wife planned a surprise birthday celebration for me. She had started planning for it about 6 months earlier and did such a good job of it that I was truly surprised; well at least until 15 minutes before the actual surprise party. There had been a [...]

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Julian’s 7th Birthday

We celebrated Ren’s birthday yesterday by inviting some of his close friends over for a small playdate. The adults had a bit of tea whilst the children played. The event was capped by the traditional singing and cake cutting. Ren had been looking forward to his birthday playdate for weeks and I think he wasn’t [...]

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Ming’s Birthday

We celebrated Ming’s 16th birthday last night with a meal of Crab Noodles at King Wong. Ming doesn’t like the usual type of birthday cakes, so Mary assembled three Swiss rolls to form his cake. Photos can be found here.

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Jie’s 22nd Birthday

We celebrated Jie’s 22nd birthday last Thursday night with just the family and Kai and Sue Ping. We had Peking Duck at Old Kingdom, then headed home to cut a Pandan cake which Mary had baked that afternoon. More photos can be found here.

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Birthday Surprise!

Yesterday, we sprang a surprise birthday celebration on Pat Chua. On top of that, Steve surprised her with a Volkswagen Beetle, which she apparently has always wanted; not to mention Steve and Tassia’s surprise flight to Melbourne from Singapore to surprise Pat. They have set the bar very high. I had to surreptitiously fetch both [...]

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Melissa’s birthday