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Picnic at Jells Park

A group of us spent most of Wednesday at Jells Park and had a great time there. We had a good picnic and the kids had a great time cycling and playing at the playground. I tried teaching Julian to cycle, and he made some progress, but still hasn’t achieved liftoff! Full photos can be [...]

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Cycling 210km in a Day!

Some of you may know that myself, Tony and a few other friends had been preparing for the annual Around the Bay in a Day cycling ride in Melbourne. Well, that day was just two days ago on 17th October, and it was (under current expectations) an experience of a lifetime (in other words, I’m [...]

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Pride Cometh before the Fall

In the last few months, I’ve been going cycling with a bunch of guys. Tony and I got ‘convinced’ to sign up for Melbourne’s “Around the Bay” ride in October, and the 210km route to boot! So we’ve been doing about 60 to 80 km each ride about once a week. Each member of the [...]

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Cycling at Jells Park

We went cycling on Labour day with the Chias and Chongs. Unfortunately, the 4 older kids from our family and the Chongs did not join us as they had university lectures to attend to. It seems labour day is not a public holiday where the university is concerned. Clem didn’t join us either as he [...]

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Mountain Biking on Lake Mountain

On Friday, I took the two older boys to Lake mountain, together with Tony and Al, for some mountain biking.  We had been to Lake mountain for skiing a couple of times, and I thought the ski paths might make good mountain biking trails.  Well, we weren’t disappointed, but the ride was much much tougher [...]

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