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2nd Test of facebook link

Ok so the first post was truncated on facebook as well as on the blog.  I had to edit it and add in the truncated parts. This is a second test post, and I need to get it to over 256 characters to see if it will truncate again, since that is the limit that is [...]

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New Facebook Plugin

I just added a new facebook plugin to cross post my entries from WordPress to Facebook.  This is a test post to see if this post will appear on my facebook page.  The previous plugin, Wordbook, simply died on everyone as far as I know.

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I’ve just installed a new plug-in which should allow automatic cross posting between my WordPress blog and my facebook account. I had previously resisted getting an account on facebook because I already published my own WordPress blog, and didn’t want  to have to update another site. But the pressure to get a facebook account was quite [...]

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