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Julian’s First-ever exam

Julian sat for his Yamaha Junior Music course exam on Saturday afternoon, after taking the course for about 2 years. It is a straightforward exam and I think most of the kids will have no problems passing it. We arrived early and he started early, and I think he did ok. He had some problems with [...]

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Julian’s Yamaha Music Concert

Ren’s music class took part in a Yamaha music concert on Sunday. Various classes of kids came together to perform items that they had been practising. Ren’s class performed a piece called “Sweet Dance” from book 2 (he’s currently doing book 3). Unfortunately, they hadn’t practised enough and didn’t play the piece in time together. Still it [...]

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Mike Brewer Choir Workshop

Knox school’s Pengana choir participated in a choir workshop conducted by Mike Brewer, who is the UK choral master and facilitator for youth choir, last Friday. Mike coordinated the many participating choirs during the day to prepare a pretty long choral piece, which they presented in the evening. The piece is a compendium of different pieces [...]

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