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Melbourne Aquarium

We recently brought Ren to the Melbourne aquarium. I didn’t realise how fascinating the place really is. The layout and variety of aquatic life was really good and we all enjoyed the visit. A short video below tries to capture what we experienced.

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Julian’s WuShu grading

Ren went for his Wu Shu grading on Saturday. I have no idea at this point if he passed, but the whole thing was quite fascinating. I put together a short video of his grading below.

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Julian’s First-ever exam

Julian sat for his Yamaha Junior Music course exam on Saturday afternoon, after taking the course for about 2 years. It is a straightforward exam and I think most of the kids will have no problems passing it. We arrived early and he started early, and I think he did ok. He had some problems with [...]

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Julian’s Prayer

The younger kids at St. Christopher’s attended mass this morning,and Julian was one of those picked to say a prayer. This is the short clip of his prayer.

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Julian’s 7th Birthday

We celebrated Ren’s birthday yesterday by inviting some of his close friends over for a small playdate. The adults had a bit of tea whilst the children played. The event was capped by the traditional singing and cake cutting. Ren had been looking forward to his birthday playdate for weeks and I think he wasn’t [...]

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Easter Raffle

Julian’s school is having its annual Easter Raffle right now. It’s a very noisy affair! Oh, Julian won 4th prize.

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Julian’s Godpa

Julian doesn’t remember his godpa, as he only saw him during his baptism at one month old. So during this trip, he actually asked to visit his godpa.  So we invited Ambrose to come to the house on Sunday afternoon, and we spent some quality time catching up. And Julian got his wish!

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Julian’s Yamaha Music Concert