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Wen sings solo!

Wen sang solo at her school’s fundraiser for the flood victims of Queensland and Victoria, on Friday night.  There were about 23 items and she was item number 14.  I thought she sang very well, but you be the judge:

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Carolling at Wahroonga Home

Yesterday, after 3 practice sessions over the last two weeks, we went to carol for the residents of Wahroonga Home. The idea for this activity came from Henry, and was of course strongly supported by the rest of us, especially since we had organised similar activities when we were in Singapore. For two Saturdays, we [...]

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Gern’s Lunch

The Chias invited us and the Chongs for lunch on Saturday, to thank Gern for bringing stuff to all of us from Singapore.  We had a nice time there as usual. The highlight of the event was Henry’s ‘performance’ which I captured on video below.  We have also decided that we will visit an aged [...]

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