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Julian’s Prayer

The younger kids at St. Christopher’s attended mass this morning,and Julian was one of those picked to say a prayer. This is the short clip of his prayer.

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Ren’s School Assembly Presentation

Ren’s class gave a presentation at his school assembly today. They had been practising for this the whole week and he had been very excited about it. The presentation was about reducing, reusing and recycling. He even invited me to go along with Mary to watch him at the assembly, which I did. I’m glad [...]

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St. Christopher’s 50th Anniversary Dinner

Last Friday, our parish celebrated it’s 50th anniversary with a dinner and dance at the Golden Sands Reception centre. Being the chair of the parish council, I was quite involved in its organisation. The evening went quite well with good food, good entertainment and good company. Melissa and Isabel volunteered to sing for the event, [...]

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Josh’s Confirmation

Josh was confirmed on 6th November at St. Christopher’s church by Bishop Les Tomlinson. Josh had asked Mary and I to be his godparents and we had agreed. The ceremony went nicely and after that, we went out for a nice dinner at Gold Leaf in Springvale. Dinner was on the Chias!  On our way there, [...]

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Ming’s Confirmation

On 7th November, Ming received the Sacrament of Confirmation at St. Christopher’s church.  He had been preparing for this event by attending Sunday school classes for the last few months.   The confirmation was presided over by the Vicar-general, Monsignor Tomlinson (I guess the Archbishop wasn’t available).  The ceremony went quite smoothly, and Alphonsus and [...]

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