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End of a Nightmare

It looks like our bathroom renovation is finally at an end, after a litany of errors and delays. Even after the new acrylic sheeting finally arrived, more problems occurred. The shower door was found to be too tall because they didn’t take into consideration the height of the shower-base when tiling the wall (They normally [...]

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So the 10th of August rolls around and I give Rob a call to see if the shower screen has arrived. It has and he tells me that they will come and start installation the next afternoon. Next day late morning, Kevin comes around and starts working on the screens. He asks for the garage to [...]

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Toilet Renovation

We are in the midst of renovating our common bathroom and toilet. We’ve been thinking about doing it for some time now, but a recent discovery pushed us to do it sooner rather than later. I discovered that the shower stall was sinking into the floorboards upstairs! It started with water dripping off the downstairs [...]

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