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Wen’s Presentation Evening

Wen had her Knox school presentation evening on 24th October at the Robert Blackwood Hall at Monash. She took part in 3 items, but unfortunately, she did not win any academic awards.. Photos can be found here. Below is a video of her items.  It’s about 18 minutes long, so be warned…

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Knox 30th Anniversary Concert

Last Friday, Wen performed in several items in her school’s 30th anniversary concert. The video below shows highlights of the concert including a duet by Wen. During the interval, we were served pieces of a huge anniversary cake, which was excellent. All in, a rather enjoyable evening.

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Isabel’s Formal

Wen had her formal yesterday. She had been looking forward to it for weeks. I think she was looking forward most to the limo which they had hired, a modified hummer which took 22 of them to the function! The formal was held at the Melbourne Aquarium (I know, seems strange). After the formal 15 [...]

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Singing in the rain

Wen’s choir, the Pengana voices, performed on Saturday morning at the Knox Festival. It was raining and because it was an outdoor setting, the acoustic environment was not great. Still, the girls put up a good show.

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Isabel’s Birthday

Today was Wen’s birthday. We went to Lemon Leaf Thai restaurant for lunch. And in the late afternoon, at home, we sang the birthday song and cut her cake. More photos can be found here.

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Wen is back

Wen came back after 6 weeks in Paris on her French exchange programme.  Glad to have her back. I’d almost forgotten what she looks like.  :)    

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Wen’s Debutante Ball

Wen had her Debutante Ball recently. Mary, Melissa and I attended it and it was quite an experience. We don’t have such things in Singapore and Melissa came to Australia after her 16th birthday and didn’t get a chance to attend such a ball.  So Wen’s was the first (and last) debutante ball that we [...]

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Knox Concert