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The Circle Closes

I’ve finally finished the frame for my jigsaw puzzle. It’s been quite a journey. Back in Jan 2009, I bought a jigsaw puzzle from Singapore, and started working on it some time later back home in Melbourne. It was slow going, as the kids were no longer interested in jigsaws, and Mary was too busy to [...]

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Shoe Cabinet completed!

I’ve finally completed my shoe cabinet for Mary, after 3.5 months of on and off work. I must say this has been a tough project, because of the size of the cabinet, which is generally larger than my equipment can handle comfortably. As a result there are a list of errors which I will detail in the page [...]

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Workbench finished!

Over the last month or so, I’ve been working on my workbench, which is the largest project I’ve tackled todate, in terms of size and volume of work.  I finally finished it last night, more or less. The size and thickness of the wood required me to laminate smaller pieces together to get the larger [...]

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More Woodworking

I’ve been busy with my woodworking and making more stuff, and getting a few more tools for my workshop. Since my last post I’ve completed a box (which I like very much), a cross and a firewood holder. Guess which was easiest to make? If you thought the cross, then you are wrong. It looks [...]

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I’ve been quiet on the blog front in recent days. That’s because I’ve taken up a new hobby; woodworking. It all started from the jigsaw puzzle we bought from Singapore. I was looking ahead to when we finished the puzzle and getting it framed. Frames are quite expensive here, especially large ones, so I thought [...]

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Jigsaw Puzzle

We bought a jigsaw puzzle back from Singapore and we’ve started on it. Well, the family started on it the first evening, but ever since then it’s mainly been me who’s been putting it together.  I estimate that it will take about 4 to 6 months, and I intend to put up progress photos on [...]

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